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Avodart appropriate way of use

Important information

Proper consumption of any medicine is a recipe for success in the treatment of any disorder. Use of Avodart involves certain precautionary measures to make sure that the medicine is taken right and won’t cause any side effects or unwanted health consequences.

Among the tips for proper intake there are certain ones demanding special attention:

Women and children must never use or be exposed to Avodart. The main component in the medicine Dutasteride can be poisonous for a pregnant woman and affect the unborn child development. The capsules of the medicine are not use by men only.

The medicine should be stored away from being taken by children or pregnant women accidentally.

As Avodart is dangerous for women and children, men taking this medicine should not donate blood while taking this medicine and for at least 6-8 months after they stop taking it.

Before taking Avodart, a man should be ready to inform his doctor about any type of allergy (to food, medicine or any other substance). Be sure to inform your doctor if you have allergy to similar drugs such as Proscar or Propecia.

Use of Avodart can potentiate the risk of cancer development in the prostate. Regular visits to a doctor and lab tests done to check general health state are essential for prevention of any serious health risks.

Blood tests include PSA or prostate specific antigen test. It is used to identify the risks of prostate cancer.

How to take

The medicine is comfortable for use. It is used by mouth only. The prescribed dose should be taken exactly as your doctor recommends you.

General advice is to take Avodart capsule as a whole with water (can be used with or without food. Go on using this medicine as long as suggested by your doctor. Do not interrupt the treatment, do not skip or miss doses. Regular use guarantees beneficial results.

Avodart can be prescribed as a monotherapy or together with other medicines. Don’t forget to take the medicine as your doctor prescribes you.

In case of accidental overdose, please be watchful for your condition, take extra measures to prevent serious symptoms of overdose. Call your doctor or emergency medical service for help.

Treatment of enlarged prostate may take some time before you feel better. Be patient and wait until you see the results. Do not stop the treatment without first consulting a doctor.

For some men self-care may be very helpful especially if they experience mild to moderate symptoms of enlarged prostate. Besides, taking the medicine, you can have more physical activity, avoid drinking too much alcohol and use of certain medicines to facilitate the symptoms.

Avodart appropriate way of use